Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome to the Work's New Age blog!

Welcome to the Work's New Age blog!  Many people have asked if I could write about what is happening in the news about the jobs crisis, which is PERMANENT and will NOT end with better economic times.  Indeed, since Work's New Age was published in late 2011, many things have happened that reinforce that viewpoint, and are happening every week. 

Watch this space for much more!

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  1. What we are facing is a maturing manufacturing economy morphing into a service/medical care base economy with students leaving college with huge debt, poor to bad skill sets for the jobs that are available and the wages in whats left of manufacturing subset of the economy shrinking from family supporting to existance based wages even though productivity in dollar per hour measure are increasing. Alice in Wonderland now controls the economy, not Adam Smith EVO of Shorewood