Sunday, September 9, 2012

AJSN Revised and Updated - We're Currently 22 Million Jobs Short

Thank you for your comments and feedback!  I have corrected one data error, and have obtained Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and U.S. Census Bureau data released this past Friday.  We now have an American Job Shortage Number (AJSN) of 22.0 million, that on an official unemployment rate of 8.1% and 12,696,000 officially unemployed.  

As for historical data, I am working with the BLS to obtain monthly detail for years past.  Accordingly, I hope to post more later this week.

AJSN - AUGUST 2012TotalLatent Demand %Latent Demand Total
Family Responsibilities302,0003090,600
In School or Training273,00050136,500
Ill Health or Disability181,0001018,100
Other (Adjusted for BLS labor statistics rounding error) 961,00030288,300
Did Not Search for Work In  Previous Year3,812,000803,049,600
Not Available to Work Now658,00030197,400
Do Not Want a Job81,280,00054,064,000
Non-Civilian and Institutionalized, 15+7,060,84010706,084
American Expatriates6,320,000201,264,000
TOTAL  22,000,584

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