Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Can We Evaluate Jobs and Careers?

What is good or bad about a work opportunity, when looking beyond the next few years?  
Here are 9 ways of comparing occupations:
1.       Local-boundness, or to what extent a job must and will be performed locally by someone living within commuting distance from the work location
2.       Resistance to robotics, or the chance of a job being replaced with robot technology
3.       Resistance to computing and connectivity, or the chance of a job being replaced with automated performance of computing algorithms or with improved computing connectivity
4.       Connections with other principles which are positive or negative – for some meaningful principles, see the September 23, 2013 post on this blog (
5.       The number of workers currently on the job
6.       The chance the job offers for a good living wage
7.       Quality of work conditions
8.       Family and outside activities compatibility, or to what extent the job is typically limited in hours, regular in scheduling, and restricted enough in overnight travel to allow for a commonly regular family life and extensive work on unrelated projects and efforts
9.       Forecasts for the number of opportunities available.
All of these are valid, and most for many are critical.  How do jobs and careers stack up on these criteria?  Much more will follow.

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